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Century Orchards is located 7 km East of Loxton, South Australia, in Australia.

Photo by Karen Jericho

After several years of preliminary research to find a suitable property, Century Orchards began development at the current site (see picture above) in 1998.  Today Century Orchards consists of 640ha of almonds.

Century Orchards uses state of the art technology to effectively produce almonds resulting in maximum returns for investors. Century Orchards has HACCP Quality Certification. This ensures a premium standard of quality, and means Century Orchards is committed to being a leader in the almond industry.

Almond Orchard
Century Orchards has five varieties of almonds in production: Nonpareil, Carmel, Price, Peerless and Monterey. These trees are from bud stock sourced from the Registered Source Area at Monash which is managed by the Almond Plant Improvement Committee.
Specifically designed machines are used to both harvest and maintain a modern almond orchard; pictures of these vehicles in action can be seen in the gallery.


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Century Orchards Pty Ltd

PO Box 894, Loxton SA 5333

T: +61 8 8584 4777
F: +61 8 8584 4888
E: Contact Form

ABN 69 079 603 204

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